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With one of these, you can count yourself in the same circle as Oprah!

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Retreat Yourself's Kristy McKinnon reckons if you have one of Louvelle's products, you can count yourself in the same circle as Oprah

Photo via Retreat Yourself

Ok, we may be exaggerating a little. Let’s just say Oprah’s accessory drawer and your accessory drawer have something in common, which kind of means you & Oprah are buddies…

Oprah voted Louvelle’s original & most popular accessory – the Louvelle Original Shower Turban – as something she luurrrvvvesss on her Favourite Things list. Pretty awesome, right?!

So while Oprah gets busy pampering herself with her shower turban, let’s look at 4 different ways in which these gorgeous Louvelle headbands can help your every day fitness & skin care routine, or to simply just make you feel a little extra special…

Wear it to yoga

Noone likes a rogue fly-away tickling your cheek with no idea where it’s coming from while trying to lay down in Savasana.

Life hack #10,563 – throw on your headband and all of a sudden your loose hair strands are tucked neatly and tightly away!

Now, focus on those deep breaths…

Make your face mask routine a WHOLE lot easier!

Same goes for putting on a face mask. There are huge benefits in using masks 1-2 times per week, but they can be a messy affair if not done right!

We don’t know about you, but removing pink clay from your hairline just doesn’t seem to work without a shower and a good shampoo…

The solution? A headband of course! And if you get your face mask on it, it’s a quick rinse & dry away from being ready to use again thanks to the quick dry fabric.


Accessorising (otherwise known as ‘hiding-a-bad-hair-day’)

You know those mornings when you wake up and you just don’t have the motivation to do the whole wash & dry hair routine, but your hair is just a little too far gone to be seen in public?

BUT! Then you remember your new, beautifully patterned headband, and all of a sudden your hair can last that extra day…

And you know what? Everyone will think you just threw it on because it looks great, and not to hide what’s underneath!


To add an extra splash of colour when heading out

A brightly coloured headband isn’t just functional for all of your beauty or fitness needs, but it’s also a way to add a splash of colour to an outfit and make you feel just that little bit extra special.

Tie it your own way with Juliette Hair Scarf in Palm Springs, $20

Take some inspiration from Louvelle’s website, and check out the new Juliette Hair Scarf - think a big messy bun, some big, dangly earrings and your headband.

Oprah was onto something alright…!

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