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The First Fashion Forward Shower Cap

Louvelle showerwear is inspired by the pages of fashion magazines - a glamorous sophisticated turban style. It's the shower cap perfect for the modern woman who wants to look chic in the shower. No longer do women have to hide in the bathroom in case someone catches a glimpse of them in the most unflattering of traditional shower caps!
There are two styles - Amelie a more streamlined panelled style and Dahlia a more voluminous knotted style and Big Hair for ladies with big hair or larger heads.
The Fit & Function
Developed in Australia, Louvelle offers a range of shower caps in colours and prints crafted from luxurious, silky quick dry stretch fabric with a water resistant lining. 
They are as quick and easy to put on as any regular shower cap but much more fashionable! The fit is firmer than a regular shower cap - ensuring your blow dry is protected from steam in the shower.  As with any shower caps, for best results we recommend angling the showerhead below your head.  
One size fits most however, not recommended for very large heads or very long thick hair.
They are longer lasting than regular shower caps - depending on frequency of use we recommend replacing after 1 year. 
Women are also using Louvelle shower caps to protect their hairline when removing makeup, body scrubs and face masks. They also double as a poolside accessory or rain hat!  
Packaged in a luxurious gift box, Louvelle shower caps are a unique gift for the woman who has everything!
Design Registered & Patented.
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