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Scalp therapy for your shower routine.

Who doesn't love a scalp massage at the salon! Scalp health is the new buzz word in haircare and our mane massage brush is here to boost your shower routine.


Beauty Editor Reviews

We love LOUVELLE shower turbans.

A shower cap you'll get excited about wearing. Your showers will feel spa-like and more luxurious.

"These hair towels make me happy when I'm wearing it, really absorbent, they're amazing" 🤩

Avoid roughing up the cuticle or causing damage by blotting hair gently and wrapping your hair in these super absorbent turbans. I love their fun retro-esque designs!

These fancy shower caps protect your hair from water and humidity extraordinarily well. And the'll be the Diana Vreeland of your bathroom and it doesn't get any chicer than that.

The chicest shower caps & hair wraps we've ever seen.

Extend your blow out in style....The quick-dry fabric is completely water resistant, protecting your blow dry in style.

Slip it on to protect your hairline while applying makeup too.

One of Oprah's Favourite Things!

LOUVELLE has re-invented the bonnet generally reserved for the privacy of your bathroom, and transformed it into a chic accessory that can be worn anytime, anyplace.

The only thing to wear in the shower.

We created a shower turban as chic as the rest of your wardrobe. Touted by Vogue, Elle and Into the Gloss as one of the chicest hair accessories they've ever seen.


Gentle on hair, fast on results.

Our generously sized microfibre hair turbans are gentle on your delicate strands and will dry your hair in half the time.


Sleeping Beauty

As the sun rises early, get some extra zzz's with our silk eye masks.


Love your face and remove your makeup with just water.

Our Face Lovers reusable makeup removing cushions are the sustainable way to remove your makeup. Just add water and like magic, these plush microfibre cushions will take the day off without the need for harsh cleansers.



Speeds up my morning routine and so cute and comfy.

Very stylish! So much better looking than the traditional shower caps. I would highly recommend!

Us girls are loving our new hair towel wraps. Protecting my blow dry is important, it just helps when it looks this luxe!

I’m using it every day and believe me NOT all hair towel wraps are the same! Super gentle on my hair and minimises frizz...

I wish I discovered this sooner. I have blonde hair & because my hair is on the dryer side from processing it, I needed something to help me with the frizz. This definitely works for me!

So happy with this...much longer lasting than other caps and saves using plastic.

Really works at keeping my hair dry when using skincare and doesn't leave an elastic mark on my face.

Truly dries your hair in half the time as a regular towel. Not sure how I lived without this for so long...