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How to keep your hair ‘salon fresh’ between hair appointments

Posted by Simone Taylor on
Wouldn’t it be amazing to extend that ‘just stepped out of a salon’ feeling? As a busy mum and founder of Louvelle,  I only have time to get to the salon every 6 weeks, so to keep that good hair day feeling for longer, here are my top tips:

1. Minimise colour fade

The cardinal rule according to Ted Gibson, Celebrity hairdresser: “Never wash your hair everyday! Day old hair holds a style so much better than freshly shampooed hair. Plus, you can actually make your scalp more oily by over- shampooing as your glands will fight to replace the oil you just washed out of your hair”.
Dry shampoo should be your best friend on the second day to remove oil and add volume. My favourite buys are from Bumble and Bumble and Kevin Murphy's Doo Over.
2. Protect hairline when washing face
When washing your face, wear a wide headband to avoid getting your hairline wet.
According to Lona Vigi, celebrity hair stylist "As soon as water hits the hair, it causes frizz," explains Vigi. Between shampoos, she recommends wrapping dry hair in a microfiber towel or wearing a shower cap before you step in the shower to prevent steam from coming in contact with strands, which can cause frizz and make wavy textures curl up.”
I created the Louvelle showerwear headbands, shower caps and hair towels for this purpose!
3. Use the accessories to hide hair regrowth.  
As a bottle blonde, I struggle with the last couple of weeks before my next colour refresh. Whether you are hiding colour regrowth or growing out a fringe, the hairband/hairscarf trend can be your saviour for bad hair days.
One of our favourite Celebrity Hairdressers, Paloma Rose Garcia says: "This look has just started and is only getting more popular—it's easy, convenient and flattering. Hair all up or done, fringe in or out”
4. Use the best at home treatments you can afford.
For those that colour their hair, I have found Olaplex (available in good salons) to be a game changer in preventing split ends. My hair is in much better condition, I can now push my haircut appointment out longer. I like to dry my hair gently with our super absorbent Louvelle hair towel then pop the no.3 at home treatment in when I’m in the bath. You can even where a shower cap over the top to help it penetrate deeper. I am also obsessed with a new find which is like solid gold– Project Sukoroi smoothing balm from O&M, another natural Australian brand, it smells divine and it gives hair a gloss while being very lightweight.
5. Minimise heat damage
It's good to give your hair a break from heat styling which can cause breakage. On wash and wear days our new Riva hair towel wrap wicks water away twice as fast as a regular towel and is must gentler on hair minimising friction and frizz on your delicate strands. I have tried the new Dyson hairdryer and it uses less heat so it is much gentler on hair on blow dry days.

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