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Looking for a Christmas gift for your loved ones? Louvelle has the answer.

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Looking for a Christmas gift for your loved ones? Louvelle has the answer.

The below article, by Rachel Medlock, from Beaute Industrie on why Louvelle's luxury showerwear is the perfect gift for your loved ones this Holiday Season.

You know when something makes Oprah’s favourite thing’s list, yes, the “you get a car!” Oprah, you’re in for a good time.

As I scrolled through the collections of my boho dreams, it’s safe to say my girl O’s recommendation didn’t disappoint.

Shoppers have move away from the stock standard bath bomb for Mum and into more personalised, considered, and practical gifting. Louvelle delivers this and then some, thanks to their vintage-inspired, luxe accessories that founder Simone Taylor shares was born from her own desire to feel stylish and confident at all times of her busy mum life, including in the shower!

If we’ve all taken one thing away from the better part of two years, it’s that the idea of self-care has become so much more than a buzzword but a ritual that exists to preserve our mind, body, and spirit. For many of us, prioritising more self-care in our lives has coincided with our daily skincare routines and shower or bath rituals because let’s face it, we still need to multitask where we can.

The best part of self-care is that it doesn’t have a type. Gifts that elevates one’s self-care ritual, like the Louvelle collection, is a win for all. From the busy working mum that loves a long soak in the bath, the beauty-loving teen whose interest in skincare is growing by the minute, the hard to buy for mother-in-law that takes her haircare very seriously to the one that has everything who always seems to appear on our Christmas shopping list each year, Louvelle can confidently tick another present off your to-buy list.

As part of a stunning bespoke hamper, a thoughtful client gift or stocking filler under $45, let’s take a look at the Louvelle products that have caught our eye and that will make the perfect addition to your list of gifts for loved ones this Holiday Season!

Haircare essentials

Louvelle’s shower caps, headbands and hair wraps have become synonymous with the brand. These hero products have been celebrated by some of the country’s most prominent beauty authorities including Into The Gloss, Beauty Crew, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Elle Magazine.

First up is the Louvelle Shower Cap which is available in two styles – the Dahlia for more voluminous and long hair and the Amelie for short to mid-length hair. Both styles are available in a range of exclusive luxury prints and are crafted using a patented turban-style design that keeps your hair dry and free of humidity-causing frizz.

Next up is the Louvelle Hair Towel Wrap which proudly claims to dry your hair in half the time of a regular towel and hold almost 5x its weight in water. As mentioned in hair routines such as the Curly Girl Method, regular towels can cause unwanted friction, frizz, and damage so this extremely absorbent microfibre alternative is a welcomed delight to all hair types.


Riva Hair Towel Wrap

Finishing off Louvelle’s collection of haircare essentials are their headbands which are not only stretchy and feel like silk but are quick dry making them ideal for wearing by the pool, at the beach or during a yoga class.

Multitasking beauty products as its finest, all three items go beyond keeping your hair dry and protected. Once you’ve jumped out of the shower, you can keep your cap, wrap or headband on to protect the hairline whilst applying makeup, skincare (particularly masks) or tan.

As I looked at all three items (that are all $45 and under by the way), I thought to myself, “is it weird that I’d absolutely wear these outside?” and nope, I’m not the first to think this! In fact, The New York Times also claimed that Louvelle was stylish enough to take to the streets. Phew!

Skincare in the shower

The latest products to join the Louvelle fam are their shower accessories that are the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty lover, especially your teens!

Both under $30, Louvelle's shower accessories are upping your body care and cleansing game in the shower whilst keeping your bathroom aesthetic on point. As the team share with me, all you need to do is #JustAddWater!

As used by influencers including Amelia Webb, the Louvelle Face Lovers makeup removal pads feature 3 reusable microfibre makeup removal pads that will finally get your bestie to stop using makeup wipes for good. Free of harsh chemicals, you simply add water to the pad and watch the microfibre strands remove dirt and makeup from the skin and trap it on the pad.

Compact, machine washable and kind to the planet, Face Lovers is perfect to have in your gym bag, carry on (if you’ve forgotten what this is, it’s that bag that goes on an aeroplane with you) or on your bathroom vanity waiting for your morning or evening cleanse.


Once your makeup is removed, you can move onto body exfoliation with Louvelle's Glow Glove, an exfoliating body glove designed to buff away dead skin cells, boost circulation and aid in self-tan removal. Like Face Lovers, Glow Glove is helping us farewell products that aren’t kind to our skin and instead, harness the quality of the product itself and water. Crafted from vegan silk, Glow Glove creates the perfect canvas for your next tan and promotes a smooth and even skin texture.


The sweetest (and most stylish) of dreams

For many of us, a good night’s sleep is as golden as the baubles that will soon dangle from our Christmas tree and the team at Louvelle is making sure we’re getting our zzz’s in style with their luxurious Chloe Eye Masks.

At just $30, this retail product immediately made me think of new mums who will greatly benefit from the Chloe Eye Masks’ strict ‘no ambient light policy’ once the mask is applied. 

Crafted from a lavish silk-cotton blend, the Chloe Eye Mask offers the skin a breathable and cooling slumber that won’t cause friction or dragging to the skin throughout the night. Pairing an adjustable fit with a range of stunning prints to match every set of loungewear, the team has well and truly put the beauty in beauty sleep.

PS, do you know we gift wrap? Just add to cart for presents under the tree sorted! 



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