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How to make hair grow faster? Is rice water the answer?

Posted by Louvelle Team on
How to make hair grow faster? Is rice water the answer?

We all want long, luscious locks, the type you see in hair commercials.

After years of trying out different treatments, supplements, and tools, the latest trend on social media caught our eye. The team at Louvelle did some deep diving to discover whether rice water is the answer to our hair prayers.

Whilst it’s only recently overtaken our Instagram and TikTok feeds, women in East and Southeast Asia have used rice water as a hair treatment for centuries.



What is it exactly?

Rice water is the starchy water that is left over after rice is left to soak. It’s thought to contain many of the vitamins and minerals found in rice – amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Often labelled as “hero ingredients”, these are welcome additions to our haircare routine!

So how exactly does it benefit your hair?

While there isn't a ton of research to look to for evidence, experts agree rice water has properties that can strengthen, boost shine, and aid growth.

Strengthening: The high starch levels in rice water coats the hair shaft, like protein, which adds strength and thickness to the hair.

Shine Boosting: Split ends aren’t pretty – they make your hair look tired and dull. Rice water adds hydration, minimising the appearance of split ends, making the appearance of your hair glossy and shiny. Yay!

Hair Growth: When applied to the scalp, rice water, rich in antioxidants, nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles and repairs damaged cells. This creates a supportive environment for hair growth, promoting healthy hair that is less susceptible to breakage.

How exactly do you make rice water?

It’s simple!

  • Rinse ½ cup of uncooked rice thoroughly
  • Place in bowl with 2-3 cups of water and leave to soak for 30 minutes
  • Strain the rice water into a clean bowl

How do you incorporate rice water into your hair care routine?

Use it as a replacement for conditioner. To do this, you should:

1. Wash and rinse hair with shampoo as usual

2. Pour rice water onto hair and massage into your hair and scalp

3. Wrap it up with your Louvelle Shower Cap and leave in for up to 20 minutes

Louvelle’s Dahlia Shower Cap in Tutti Frutti

Louvelle’s Shower Caps are crafted with luxuriously soft and stretchy fabric. Designed to keep your hair out of your face without tugging on baby hairs – sit back and relax as you let the rice water do its magic – and look super chic while you do so!

4. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water 

Seems easy enough!

While there isn’t proven scientific evidence that rice water will make your hair grow faster, the results from social media show us there’s absolutely no harm in trying it out for yourself. We know we will!

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