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FACE LOVERS - Makeup Removal Pads


Love your skin and wash the day away with Louvelle's pure heart cleansing cushions!

Get a deep clean, fit for the queen you are with our Face Lovers which contains 3 reusable microfibre makeup removal pads.

Features & Benefits

Reasons we’re sure you’ll love it:

  • Simply remove makeup with only water..... Voilà!
  • Gentle enough for all skin types including sensitive as there is no need for chemicals or harsh cleansers to remove makeup which can leave your skin feeling stripped.

  • Plush microfibre strands lift dirt and makeup from the face and trap it in the strands.

  • Reusable - machine washable and long lasting.

  • Sustainable – no more disposable cleansing wipes and cotton pads. Saves hundreds of wipes.

  • Compact: great for travel and the gym bag. 


"They feel so good on the skin and there's no irritation like with makeup removing wipes". @makeupbyameliawebb

"Probably the cutest way I'll ever remove my makeup. They'll cut through your foundation with nothing but water." @Skyn.Diary

"They're cute and soft and may be the stand outs of any I've tried ever."

"I like to put on my cleansing oil, rub it all in, and then once I apply water to my face and it emulsifies, I come along with these pads and wipe it all away. They are so soft and so cute and really grab all the remaining makeup residue.  Highly recommend it." @amandascuteface

"I’ve found that these do just as good of a job if not better while looking so much prettier! All you need is water and these babies will help to remove your all your makeup. 

They are perfect if you have sensitive skin as they don’t cause any irritation and are amazing for the environment as they are reusable, just pop them in the wash and they are good as new!" @byemmaleah

"Best Eco friendly buy - Almost too cute to use!" @Joiesdechelsea

"I've tried other ones before but these are my favourite! The seamless cushion has no edges so it gets into all the nooks on my face feels super gentle". @Byme

      How to Use

      Saturate the Face Lover makeup removing pad in water in the shower or basin and wipe over the face. For heavy eye makeup, re-saturate the Face Lover and hold on the eyes for 3 seconds before wiping.  

      How To Care

      Squeeze and rinse in soapy water after each use and hang to dry.

      Machine wash in delicates bag or hand wash. No fabric softener. We recommend doing this between every 1-3 uses. Line dry is optimal (tumble dry on low setting only). Wash with soap and hang to dry in bathroom in between machine washes. 


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