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The Glow Glove: Your Exfoliating Glove Go-To

Posted by Louvelle Team on
The Glow Glove: Your Exfoliating Glove Go-To

What’s worse than freezing cold temperatures and gloomy rainy days? Dry skin of course!


A major downside of the cooler seasons is how dry and irritated the weather can leave your skin feeling. Whether you’re staying snuggled in bed, or are out-and-about, it’s vital to keep your skin nourished during the dryer seasons to sustain that youthful glow, alongside providing vital moisture that your skin needs. However, with excess dead skin that accumulates during winter, this can be very hard to absorb moisturiser.



Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with our brand-new Glow Glove exfoliating mitt, that provides a clean slate for your body without the need for chemicals and expensive body scrubs. Yep, you heard correctly, not only does the Glow Glove buff away dead skin cells, but it also only requires water to the job which makes this product super eco-friendly.


What are the other perks of the Glow Glove, you might be asking? Well, this product is the perfect first-step in your fake tanning routine as it creates a buttery, silky-smooth surface to apply your tan onto. The uniqueness of the material doesn’t leave any moisture film on the body (unlike a body wash or exfoliating scrub) so your skin is buffed and ready to go. With thanks to our new Glow Glove, you’re left not only feeling super nourished and cleansed, but with a gorgeous, bronzed glow too.



We know how much convenience is important to everyone, which is why we’ve created this product with premium natural crepe fabric that swiftly minimises imperfections and uneven textures. This material creates silky smooth skin in rapid time, which is perfect for all you busy ladies who are always on the go.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a new exfoliating glove or are unsure what to gift a friend, the Glow Glove is perfectly compact to wrap up and share around. 


  • Saturate skin in the shower or soak in the bath for 5 minutes.
  • Wet the glow glove and squeeze excess water.
  • Turn the water off - important. Then begin rubbing the skin back and forth until a peel develops.
  • Machine wash and hang to dry when finished using the glove (do not tumble dry).


Silky and sustainable? It’s a yes from us!

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