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Give Your Skin Some Love with Our Face Lovers Cleansing Cushions

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Give Your Skin Some Love with Our Face Lovers Cleansing Cushions

Nothing screams 2021 more than sustainability. Everyone around us is constantly on the hunt for something more environmentally conscious and ethical, which has really got us thinking… What is something that we use every day without realising its costs to the environment? Makeup wipes of course!

Single use makeup wipes are known for being terrible for the environment as a majority aren’t made with biodegradable materials, which means they can sit in landfill for years.

 We have created a makeup removal pad that is environmentally conscious and also good for sensitive skin...enter our beloved Face Lovers pure heart cleansing cushions! 


These soft, pink cushions of love can seamlessly remove makeup with nothing except water and are gentle enough for all skin types. Without the need for any harsh chemicals or cleansers that leave your skin feeling stripped, your face is left feeling plump and smooth, ready for your night-time skincare routine to begin. With thanks to the plush material, dirt and makeup is easily lifted from your skin as the debris gets trapped in the microfibre strands.

Now, you may be thinking, “I've seen products like this before, what makes Louvelle's different". Well...the curves of our cushions are seamless so they get into every curve of your face (eg around eyes and nose) and they wash up really well - they last hundreds of uses and look as good as new after being thrown into the wash! 


  • Saturate Face Lovers cushion in water (either shower or basin is fine) and gently circulate over face.
  • For heavy eye makeup, re-saturate the face lover and hold on eyes for 3 seconds before wiping.



  • Squeeze and rinse in soapy water after each use and hang to dry.
  • Machine wash in delicates bag or hand wash.
  • We recommend machine or hand washing after every 1-3 uses.
  • Line drying is optimal (tumble dry on low setting only).

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