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The Secrets to make your Blow Out Last

Posted by Louvelle Team on
The Secrets to make your Blow Out Last

 Waking up every morning with a salon-quality blowout, now wouldn’t that be a dream? Whether you’re going for the full Farrah Fawcett look, or just want a little Cindy Crawford zhoosh, waking up with good hair is an ideal way to start your day. Getting longevity out of a blowout can be difficult, especially when the weather and other external factors come into play. However, after many trial-and-errors, we’ve worked out the perfect formula for an extra 4 days out of your blowdry. 

We promise it will give you a lift!


Day 1: Double Shampoo and Blowout

Getting our blowout is our equivalent to getting a facial or a massage, it’s just as relaxing and you feel and look amazing afterwards. If you can't get to a salon, do a double shampoo and blowout at home, and see how long you can make it last! The key is the double shampoo (we love Kevin Murphy spa wash) so there is absolutely no oil or product residue left in the hair. 



Day 2: Keep your Hair Dry

Now, what’s the one thing that will immediately damage your blowout? Humidity of course! The moisture will completely dampen those gorgeous locks and you’ll be back to square one in no time. Thankfully, we’ve got a range of incredible shower caps, specifically designed to keep your hair dry and in place. So, before you hop in the shower, pop on one of our shower caps and notice your locks looking just as voluminous as before. Also great for when it's raining outside.



Day 3: Dry Shampoo

Three days have passed, and your hair is starting to look a bit on the oily side, not a good look, right? You’ve still got those gorgeous waves in place, but your roots are starting to look like they need a wash. Here is where you can add some dry shampoo into the mix, trust me, you can thank us later. We highly recommend Klorane as their oat milk formula absorbs excess oil and provides a more weightless application. If you’re looking for volume and translucence, Bumble and Bumble are a godsend. This cruelty-free dry shampoo is practically scent-less and absorbs oil and sweat without any residue.



Day 4: Messy Bun

There’s only so much lifesaving dry shampoo can do, and on the fourth day, it’s about time to throw up those locks into a messy bun. The beauty of a messy bun is that it looks so effortless while still appearing chic and stylish. You will still have the volume and texture from the blowout and dry shampoo, but it’ll look like you just “threw it up” without a care in the world, all while looking super glamorous.



So, whether you’re a boss-lady who’s always on the run or you live a more laid-back lifestyle and love to look a bit glam every now and then, this is the perfect strategy to creating longevity out of your blowout. Not only does this save you time by avoiding a daily blowout, but it also allows you to experiment with styling your hair and makes your locks to look fresher for longer!

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