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Workouts for Hair? Here’s The Lowdown About Protein In Haircare

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Workouts for Hair? Here’s The Lowdown About Protein In Haircare

With the weather getting colder and the air getting drier, our wardrobe and skincare aren’t the only part of our lifestyle that needs changing up. Just like our skin becomes more thirsty for moisture through the winter, colder seasons can equally cause damage to our strands.

Frequent exposure to indoor heating, as well as friction from our wool-based wardrobe, can influence moisture loss in your scalp, potentially leading to damaged hair shafts, breakage and increased dandruff. 

This is where our hair routines can gain muscle (figuratively) through the power of protein! While Protein and Keratin-based treatments have been a longtime favourite for colour-treated hair, dry hair will equally reap the benefits of including protein in their hair routine. A fundamental building block for healthy hair, we're going to explain everything there is to know about incorporating protein into your hair routine! 

First and foremost, what is protein in hair? 

But what on earth in protein in the hair world you ask? Well, our hair itself is protein! More specifically, the protein in hair is calked ‘keratin’. Keratin is also found in our nails, and serves to balance the moisture in your tame. When winter hits and takes away the moisture in our strands, it increases the hair cuticle to lift an crack, causing frustrating frizz and static commonly seen through winter.

That’s where our protein haircare comes in to play. Keratin-focused hair products bring back your hair’s health by smoothing and filling the cracks of the cuticle, in turn bringing back shine and banishing those pesky split ends from happening!  


All about the How-To:

Protein haircare come in all types and forms, and don’t worry, these don’t include your bulking shakes or powders! Here are three of our top picks for a protein hair routine: 

  1. NAK Hair Structure Complex Protein Shampoo & Conditioner – 

Shampoos and conditioners with a protein base is a gentle and reliable way to start including protein. NAK’s shampoo and conditioner contain plant protein as well as sea minerals to infuse silky soft texture back into hair. 

  1. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – 

A famous hero of the protein lineup, this is a daily leave-in treatment for cleansed hair. Harnessing the power of Quinoa protein, the hair strands are rebuilt while Sea buckthorn increases moisture retention in each cuticle. 

  1. K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask – 

Using their patented K18PEPTIDE, K18’s hair mask acts to repair and prevent further damage from the inner most layers of the hair, strengthening the core of the shaft. By using this between your shampoo and conditioner, and applying to the most sensitised mid-lengths and ends, you will hop out of the shower with bouncier and healthier curls. 


Protein can’t just work out alone

One final reminder that our hair’s health will be its best when we use these products with the right amounts, and paired with the correct methods and tools. Remember, bulking isn’t the answer! Too much protein use can lead to an overload, which can cause a brittleness in the strands, so use sparingly. 

Our RIVA Hair Wrap, followed after your favourite keratin treatment will be the power duo for your winter hair. Firstly, your protein-treated hair won’t go to waste through the damage you’d normally experience from cotton towels. Produced with premium microfibre, RIVA protects hair shafts from friction damage. What’s more, the microfibre strands will dry your hair twice as fast, meaning no need for additional heat damage from the hair dryer, and your protein treatment can work its magic to its fullest potential. 

Consider some muscle in your new routine and give your hair a workout! 


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