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Stylish shower caps

We are the original and the best

The first sophisticated designer shower cap; the range is inspired by the pages of fashion magazines- perfect for the modern woman who wants to look ‘très très chic’ in her domain.

Our Dahlia shower cap selected as One of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017!

LOUVELLE showerwear is the must have accessory to make your blow out last longer, keep your hair frizz free and let you hit the snooze button a few more times because if you’re going to be late, you might as well do it fashionably!

Registered Designs

Quality & Sustainable

Made from premium fabrications, a silky stretch fabric with water-resistant lining, we have elevated the shower cap to an everyday luxury.

Long lasting need to waste money on cheap shower caps that get mouldy every couple of months.

Preserve your colour and minimise frizz

“Never wash your hair everyday! Day old hair holds a style so much better than freshly shampooed hair. Plus, you can actually make your scalp more oily by over- shampooing as your glands will fight to replace the oil you just washed out of your hair”.


Amelie Shower Turban

The shower cap perfect for the modern woman who wants to look chic in the shower. Soft fabrication will not leave an elastic mark on your forehead.

Dahlia shower turban

A more voluminous turban with the knot on the front for the girl who likes a little extra glam. One of Oprah's Favorite Things..and if it's good enough for the big O! Also available in big hair size for those with large heads or long, thick hair.

Riva Hair towel wrap

Luxury microfibre towel turban are generously sized and our fun prints will bring a touch of vacation chic to your bathroom. Keep your hair off your face while applying makeup and skincare and your hair will be dry in half the time as a regular towel, cutting down on blow dry time.

Curly Girl Hair

Hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet. Our luxury microfibre is gentle on delicate hair fibres, to minimise friction and frizz common in cotton towels and dries hair in half the time of a regular towel.


Our designs are inspired by the timeless nature of vintage headscarves and turbans, harking back to the days of vintage Hollywood glamour.