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What is the Curly Girl Method All About?

Posted by Louvelle Team on
What is the Curly Girl Method All About?
We all know that managing and styling curly hair is a whole different world to that of straight hair, but did you know there’s a whole method and movement for curly haired girls? It’s called the Curly Girl Method, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry we’re here to break it down for you.
Essentially there are six steps, with two being optional. The whole premise of the Curly Girl Method is to reduce or cut-out shampoo, heat styling, sulphates and silicones, as well as cutting down the amount of washes.
The first step is a Final Wash for those curly-haired girls who are just starting on their hair journey. What this means is for a final time, you are going to use a silicone-free sulphate shampoo to wash out all the silicone that has been built up on your hair.
Next you are going to want to Pre-Poo. This is an optional step which essentially looks at helping to detangle your curly hair with a leave-in conditioner a couple hours prior to cleansing. We LOVE the Kevin Murphy Killer Curls crème which help with frizz while being rich in antioxidants and activating curls.
This crème goes perfectly hand-in-hand with our fancy shower cap... Turban Style Shower Cap that locks in moisture and protects against humidity and frizz with its soft fabrication and double layer humidity-defying fabric and waterproof lining. You can sit back and relax, watch your favourite Netflix show with a glass of wine in hand while our Louvelle shower cap locks in the goodness of the Kevin Murphy leave-in crème!
Next step is to Cleanse! For this step you are going to want to avoid traditional shampoos that contain silicones, sulphate, drying agents, alcohol and paraben. There are three varying levels for cleansing – Co-Wash, No-Poo and Low-Poo. Co-wash means washing with a conditioner, and most importantly a cleaning conditioner that allows for hair to retain its curls while not bring greasy or weighed down. Next is No-Poo, meaning a shampoo that has no lather while of course being silicone, sulphate free etc. Finally, there is Low-Poo which means a Curly-Girl approved shampoo that has a low lather. Coily or kinky hair is more suited to a Co-Wash or No-Poo cleanse while looser curls and waves can look towards a Low-Poo wash.
Next is to Condition. Traditionally conditioners are where majority of sulphates and silicones are contained, so this is where you want to be especially careful of the products that you are using. One way is to condition, and rinse most but not all of the conditioner so that a small amount of conditioner is retained on the hair to keep it hydrated until the next wash. If you prefer to wash all your conditioner out, another method is to apply a leave-in conditioner, and this Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion is an amazing option!
To dry your hair in order to style it, our Riva Towel Wrap is the perfect option to help dry hair while being ultra-gentle as we know that hair is at its most fragile when wet. Using an extremely absorbent microfibre the Riva will cut down your drying time in half!
To Enhance those gorgeous, fresh curls, a good tip for styling is to apply product that is lightest on the hair to heaviest. Mousse, milks, lotions and cremes are best for this step, and it’s always best for you to trial and error what works best for you! If you are going to dry with heat
Finally, it’s time to Define and Hold! To keep everything locked in place, a jelly, custard or spray is best suited. Be mindful of glycerine in the summertime or if you live in a humid climate as glycerine can often cause frizz in this weather. The Kevin Murphy Killer Waves is a light-weight spray that increases shine and elasticity while also defining curl and reducing frizz!
With anything, it’s all about finding the right balance and products that suit you. Our Louvelle hair products are multi-purpose and amazing in retaining product to ensure you are getting the most out of your haircare routine!
Our range is loved by Curly Girl method influencers  - check out  @actuallyalicia.curls @curlywavyaly and @everythingscomingupwavy on instagram for more tips!

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