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What is Mermaid Hair and how do I get it?

Posted by Louvelle Team on
What is Mermaid Hair and how do I get it?

With summer on our doorstep, we’re ready to try salvage the rest of 2020 by way of sun-drenched lunches and glorious beach days. With new restaurants, bars and beaches on the horizon, we can’t think of a better time to give your own personal style a little refresh too, to send off the year and to align perfectly with that summery aesthetic.

Enter: mermaid hair waves.

Whimsical and fun, this trend’s name immediately inspires visions of salty water, hot nights and island dreaming. While this is true, this hair trend is like the classic beach-waves’ slightly more refined older sister. Capturing the same carefree appeal, it is arguably more polished than the classic loose waves that have dominated the hair world for years.

With a little more structure than its counterpart, this look is therefore perfect for both day and night and exudes effortless style. Impressively, it manages to combine beach vibes, 70s spirit and Hollywood glamour to produce a hair-do that would be no stranger to a night-time event or lazy picnic in the park.







While it seems ironic we need to utilise devices to achieve that whole “effortless” look that often, in fact, requires a lot of effort, we’re here to let you in on a few little secrets that will help you achieve mermaid hair in minimal time.

The first tool we’re loving is the Remington Adjustable Waver. As the name suggests, the adjustable barrel sizes are the secret to the ease and convenience of this product. According to the brand, this flexibility allows for a variety of different looks, including our current favourite. In an aesthetic chrome design, it also features temperature control settings to ensure it caters for each user’s individual locks. Hello healthier styling? The consensus from reviews is that its design is a great pick for people who have struggled in the past with curling or are new to the world of styling. With the ability to change the barrel size, we love the versatility and practicality this product brings to our hair game.


Next on the list is a unique patented product, which revolutionized the way in which we curl hair… the Beachwaver! The Beachwaver is a ceramic curling iron featuring an automatic rotating 5.5 inch barrel – so basically, does all the heavy lifting for you. It comes in three different sizes: first there’s the .75 inch diameter (best for shoulder length or shorter hair). Due to its thinner nature, it produces a tighter curl and is therefore also perfect for those whose hair tends to drop quite quickly. Next they have the 1 inch diameter barrel, their best seller. Due to its average diameter, it’s ideal for shoulder length hair or longer, and can also produce defined curls or more relaxed waves, depending on your desired look. Finally, they have their 1.25 inch barrel, which – you guessed it! – is for longer hair. It is also perfect for achieving loose, voluminous and relaxed waves – think NYFW vibes.

All of these beauties feature their rotating barrel, meaning you just have to stand there and look pretty while it does the work for you. They also adjust between Fahrenheit and Celsius and feature a high and low speed setting and versatile heat range (which heats to its max temperature in just 30 seconds). If you’re tired of a curling-iron induced sore arm – or lacking confidence with the hair wrapping motion on a regular iron – then this is the perfect product for you.


Lastly we have the big, pink, three-pronged tool that you’ve probably seen grace your Instagram feed a few (dozen) times – the Mermade Hair. Coming in a 25mm and 32mm barrel, these tools feature a clamp for you to lift, place the hair down and then clamp. Unlike other curling irons on the market, there’s no mucking around trying to wrap the hair around the barrel and having it slide off or catch. You literally just lay the section of hair in the position, clamp and release for big, bouncy waves. Mermade Hair recommends only clamping for 2-3 seconds, ensuring the process is super fast and no-fuss.

 They also use ceramic ionic barrels to protect hair from unnecessary damage, sealing in hair cuticles and promoting salon-level shine all from the comfort of your bathroom. Similar to the others, this brand features multiple heat settings as well as an automatic shut off for peace of mind; so no more having to rush back home in a panic to check it’s switched off.


Finally, after the effort of creating these beautiful waves, we want to now protect them for as long as possible! To allow your locks to stay this luscious (and to extend wear time – hello stunning second day hair), grab your favourite chic Louvelle shower turban (we’re loving the print Fleur Lumière) to protect them from steam and water. This way you can keep your stunning mermaid hair intact until your next wash – and continue looking like an A-Lister.



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