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Noticing some excessive hair loss lately? This may be why..

Posted by Louvelle Team on
Noticing some excessive hair loss lately? This may be why..
Have you noticed a change in your skin or hair lately? Perhaps a breakout around your chin area or extra hair shedding? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.
With the current situation in the world and lifestyles changing drastically, we can all expect some adjustments and changes with our body!
However, some people might be experiencing hair loss due to stress. There are a few different types of hair loss, including excessive shedding causing hair thinning or patches of hair loss. For some it might not be serious, but it might have been enough for you to notice and perhaps you’re not feeling too great about it. Unfortunately, it is just one of those things that happens to some of us in a time of great stress, but no need to worry as we have to tips to help you out!
Our bodies reflect what we put into them, and sometimes in stressful times we aren’t focusing as much on getting the proper nutrients. As well as eating cleanly, essential vitamins such as Vitamin B, C and E are very important to contributing to our hair. If you are finding it hard to get these vitamins in your daily meals, perhaps consult your GP about some vitamin supplements to help get your body back on track.  
Water is essential always, but with stress taking a toll on our bodies, upping our water intake can be very beneficial not only for our hair but skin and body as a whole.
Stress management is very easy said, but often harder done. However, one way to combat stress-induced hair loss is to manage the trigger for the problem. Stress management looks different for everyone, so only you can decide which methods are best for you.
However, exercising such as going for a daily walk, and meditation for as little as ten minutes a day can significantly improve your mental state. Apps such as Headspace provide guided meditation and mindfulness sessions for those who might need some assistance.
As well as this, writing is a way for many to express their anxieties on paper instead of keeping it bottled up. Seemingly simple, this exercise can be extremely therapeutic in times of stress.
With many of us staying isolated inside, it’s a perfect time to pick up an old hobby or start a new one. Learn a new language on apps like Duolingo, read a thriller novel, paint a piece of art or do some gardening like you’ve been planning to!
Under-nourished hair can often be brittle and prone to breakage, so using a product to help hydrate your hair follicles is crucial. Our Louvelle Brigitte Hair Oil smells deliciously of peach blossom and honey and will deeply hydrate your ends while also being lightweight.
Of course, with more serious cases its best to consult your GP on the best way to tackle the issue.
We hope you are being kind to yourself during this stressful time and we hope our tips can help some of your hair worries!

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