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Into the Gloss share their Chic Solutions For Unchic Problems

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The Into the Gloss girls believe we should all bless our Bottom Drawers with a Top Shelf-worthy assembly of chic problem-solvers, and so do we! Thanks to the latest innovations in design, you can now stop stashing the evidence in your bathroom any time guests come over. (If they’re snoopers, they’ll find it anyway.) And so, the beauty world has smiled on you today with this particular gem:

For A Chicer Shower Cap: Louvelle

Showers: they’ve got to happen. And if you’re one with a hairstyle that requires protection from BIG BAD WATER, then your shower must also include a shower cap. Emily’s gone from using ugly hotel shower caps to Louvelle advocate, and for good reason! The main one being that these fancy shower caps protect your hair from water and humidity extraordinarily well. They’re thick and double-layered, but not too thick where you run the risk of sweating out your hair. And then there are the styles—all shaped like turbans (and some that are extra-large to accommodate bigger hair and heads alike) and thoughtfully patterned.

"You’ll be the Diana Vreeland of your bathroom, and it doesn’t get chicer than that."


Amelie Shower Turban in Dark Tropics, RRP$45

Amelie Shower Turban in Napa Valley, RRP$45

Amelie Shower Turban in Monochrome Stripe, RRP$40



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