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Harper's Bazaar love our Sophie Blackberry & Rose Bath Soak

Posted by Louvelle Team on
Harper's Bazaar love our Sophie Blackberry & Rose Bath Soak
Harper's Bazaar says Louvelle’s Sophia Blackberry & Rose Bath Soak is "bound to make your bath more decadent" naming her in it's
Top 7 Best Bath Soaks. 
As Harper's Bazaar said, Baths are equated with relaxation for good reason—able to provide welcome respite for the muscles and the mind, they offer both physical relief and a mental escape.
Add the right soaking solution to your tub, though, and you can add skin to the list of things baths are capable of benefiting.
When selecting a soak, options abound dependent on your goals; some ease pain and inflammation, some refine the skin's surface, some fill your bathroom with a serene scent, and some even offer all aforementioned elements within one formula.
Long the secret of bathing beauties, mineral rich salt soaks help to promote detoxification and soften skin. Fill your bath with our blend of Magnesium and Himalayan pink salt and be transported to a sunkissed romance in Portofino with the alluring scent.
 Indulge in a decadent bath with our Sophia Blackberry & Rose Bath Soak for 20 minutes for optimum relaxation, then moisturise with our Sophia Blackberry & Rose Body Soufflé Crème to continue the scent experience.
There’s no such thing as too much pampering so take a break for yourself and indulge in some amazing Australian-made products guaranteed to make your bath more decadent. 

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