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Gloss Boss: Five Tips on How to Achieve Sleek Hair this Summer!

Posted by Louvelle Team on
Gloss Boss: Five Tips on How to Achieve Sleek Hair this Summer!

We all know sleek and glossy hair looks amazing, but not all of us are blessed with it naturally. Here’s some of our best tips to achieve lustrous hair, from a more holistic way...

Your diet is super important! 

Vitamins A and E are some of the most vital when it comes to hair and avoiding dry hair in particular. Vitamin A helps to produce oils that keep the hair healthy and naturally moisturised, while Vitamin E helps with hair growth as it generates blood circulation. Green leafy vegetables are always good for you, but particularly for your hair, alongside nuts and seeds!
We know you hear this all the time, “DRINK WATER”, but it truly is one of the best nutrients you can put into your body! Water helps prevent dull and dry hair, as well as being amazing for your skin and overall health. Aim for 8 glasses a day and more if exercising or drinking alcohol.


Cut back on heat tools.

Heat products damage hair and prevent hair growth. So, try and stay away from your hair dryer, straightener or curling iron if you’re wanting to promote hair growth and overall health. If you do have to use them, however, dry your hair 80% before even thinking about getting the blow dryer out and use a heat protectant and try using a low heat setting if possible. Our Riva hair towels are amazing to wick water away from the hair super fast to minimise time with the hairdryer and heat styling.

Add Olaplex to repair your bonds when getting a colour in salon.

We all love a trip to the hairdresser for a new colour and style! However, hair colouring and chemical treatments can be very drying for our hair, making it brittle and weak so we recommend your hairdresser uses a bond repair treatment when colouring hair, such as Olaplex. Ensuring time between appointments for your hair to re-nourish itself will be super beneficial. Olaplex 3  take home treatment is incredible for all hair, but especially for those of you with chemically treated hair or bleached hair!


Keratain treatment

Public Service Announcement for frizzy haired girls! Have you tried a Keratin treatment? Trying this before Summer can give your hair a defence against humidity induced frizz. We love the Kerasilk Keratin treatment because it doesn't completely remove curl, just makes it more manageable for up to 5 months. We must warn you though..this is a chemical treatment so the first week afterwards the hair may have a strong chemical smell and look quite limp, but after this fades we believe the results are worth it!


Use a lightweight nourishing oil  to tame frizz

 Even girls with fine hair can benefit from the right  hair oil. Louvelle's Brigitte peach blossom and honey oil will seal the cuticle but will not feel greasy. The formulation was specifically made to be lightweight and not stain light coloured hair with it's blend of coconut, rosehip and olive oil rich in vitamin E.

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