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The Weekend Australian Loves Our White Floral Bath Soak

Posted by Louvelle Team on
The Weekend Australian Loves Our White Floral Bath Soak

The Weekend Australian shares Louvelle’s new bath and body collection in their home beauty routine!


The Weekend Australian said it perfectly, “when everything gets too much, bathe your woes away with the Louvelle Grace White Floral bath soak”. Sometimes what we need is a bit of time to ourselves to soak in the bath, with a glass of wine in hand. The Weekend Australian reminds us to “be gentle with yourself (and those whom you find yourself with in isolation”, because at the end of the day self-isolation can be tough!
Luckily there are some amazing Australian brands such as Louvelle that are making the self-isolation time better with some indulgent self-care and beauty time. Have a DIY spa day at home with our Grace White Floral bath soak for 20 minutes for optimum relaxation.
Or if a shower is more your style, try the non-drying and anti-inflammatory Brigitte Peach Blossom and Honey shower gel because we know that the colder months are notorious for dry skin.
Finish off your home pampering with some kissable skin! Our Sophia Blackberry and Rose body souffle keeps you feeling deeply hydrated while relaxing at home.
There’s no such thing as too much pampering so take a break for yourself and indulge in some amazing Australian-made products guaranteed to help make isolation that much more enjoyable!

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