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Best Hair Cut for Your Face Shape

Posted by Louvelle Team on
Best Hair Cut for Your Face Shape

Have you ever felt that you're haircut was just... not right? Well it might just be because of your face shape! 

With new trends coming out every season, it's hard to keep up! Trends conveniently forget that everyone is made wonderfully in all different shapes and sizes. This includes the way our faces are shaped! We are demystifying all the questions around getting the right haircut to leave you feeling fabulous with your new hairdo! 

First things first: Face Shapes

Before you set your sights on new haircuts it's important to differentiate what kind of face shape you have. Each one has certain styles that bring out their own unique features.

Round Face

Ginnifer Goodwin Round Face Shape

Round Face: Ginnifer Goodwin 

Their hairline and chin work together to create soft and refined borders to create  a round shape. Some hairstyles are not the best for this shape, making the face look wider: for example slicked back ponytails or buns and wispy full fringes. 

To combat this, Sam Burnett, Creative Director of Hare at the Salon Hare & Bone, says the key is elongating the face. You can do this through sweeping side fringes or straight face framing haircuts that will elongate the face. If you did want to opt for a shorter hairstyle, pixie cuts are very flattering because they add volume to the top of you hair making vertical lines that will elongate your face. 

Selena Gomez Round Face

Selena Gomez opting for a Long Straight Bob        

Emma Stone Round Face

Emma Stone slaying Sweeping Old Hollywood Curls

Elizabeth Olsen Round Face

Elizabeth Olsen with Long and Wispy Curtain Bangs

Square Face        

Olivia Wilde Square Face

Square Face: Olivia Wilde 

The square face shape is more angular and straight in comparison to the round. Often when you have a square shaped face, the attention can linger on your stronger jawline. The leading Artistic Director at Glamsquad, GIovanni Vaccaro, claims that shifting your focus from your jawline to your hair is key! Let your hair have it's moment! 

To let your hair take centre stage, we suggest letting your textured or natural hair go untouched by heat. Your voluminous waves will soften your jawline and draw more attention to your luscious locks. Alternatively, keep your hair long! Longer hair exudes a feminine touch, it reminds us of Old Hollywood movies where the actresses glide with such elegance. If you are feeling adventurous, full front fringes are the step in the right direction for you!          

Vanessa Hudgens Square Face

Vanessa Hudgens giving us Textured Goddess            

Angelina Jolie Square Face

Angelina Jolie sporting Long Layers            

Rihanna Square Face

Rihanna showing us how to wear Front Fringes

Rectangle Face                

Joan Smalls Rectangular Face

Rectangle Face: Joan Smalls

Rectangle face shapes share the same characteristics as a square face shape: Strong and Straight. Although the length of the face is double the width. The key with rectangular faces is using the hair as an illusion to make the face look shorter in length. Longer locks tend to enhance the length of the face, which may be a hairstyle that you want to avoid.

Hairstyles that will complement your face shape would be soft and voluminous up-dos. Whether your hair is swept into a ponytail or bun, undone face framing pieces will work to soften your gorgeous face. Long bobs will flatter any face shape, but it is particularly great on rectangular shaped faces is because it makes your face appear wider. Another hairstyle that will distract from the length of the face is the side part. This classic style will guide the eye across the face, as opposed to drawing the eye vertically.                 

Kate Winslet Rectangular Face

Kate Winslet with soft face framing pieces & side part           

Bella Hadid Rectangular Face

Bella Hadid glamorous in a Long Bob

Jessica Alba Rectangular Face

Jessica Alba slaying her Side Part

Oval Face

Olivia Munn Oval Face

Oval Face: Olivia Munn

If you sport an oval shaped face, you are in luck because chances are- you will be able to wear any hair style you want. Though this is true, you don't want to be looking back at older photos in disbelief thinking, "Why is my hair like that!? What was I thinking!?" Sometimes trends lead us astray. So instead of following those fads, the best advice we could give you is understanding and deciphering the texture and personality of your own hair. 

For those with natural curls, define them! Get your hair layered in a shag to promote volume in your hair. To dress your curls up, we suggest slicking your hair back and leaving your curls to do the talking. On the contrary, brush your curls out. We know every curl day will not always be a perfect curl day, and that one way or another frizz always creeps in as the day goes on. Embrace it! Make it a statement of its own. For straight hair, grow it out girl! Long hair paired with the infamous middle part, have become the new style sweeping the world. And yes, we realise we said don't follow all of the trends, but the simplicity of this look have transformed it into a twenty-first century timeless look that anyone can wear!                     

Jourdan Dunn Oval Face

Jourdan Dunn wearing a Slicked Back Ponytail        

Yara Shahidi Oval Face

Yara Shahidi having a Brushed Out moment

Beyonce Oval Face

Beyoncé teaching us how to wear Long Straight Hair 

Diamond Face             

Ashley Greene Diamond Face

Diamond Face: Ashley Greene

Do these ladies with diamond shaped faces sparkle? YES. If you have a diamond face, your hairline most likely mirrors your pointed jawline. When styling your hair, Scott King says that it is important to use styles that will compliment and soften prominent features. Sharp cheekbones and a strong chin are some of the more pronounced elements on your face.

To achieve a softer glow we suggest textured and undone waves, they are and will forever be a go to because of its ability to have you looking simultaneously effortless, yet put together. For those who are bold enough, we present to you: The Pixie Cut. Trust us. You will thank us for the minimal effort needed to glamorously strut with it. What the Pixie cut does, is it allows your hair to frame your face taking the edge off your prominent features. Lastly, we give you the Undone Ponytail. The slight volume at the top of the ponytail will elongate the face and have you looking fabulous!                  

Ashley Graham Diamond Face
Ashley Graham wearing Delicate Waves
Halle Berry Diamond Face

Halle Berry giving us glamour in her Pixie Cut

Anna Kendrick Diamond Face

Anna Kendrick with her perfect Textured Ponytail

Heart Face         

Reese Witherspoon

Heart Face: Reese Witherspoon 

Those blessed with the lovely heart shaped face will notice that their jawlines are pointed and hairlines are rounded and feature a widow's peak in the center of the forehead. This unique face shape also exhibits a wider forehead, therefore hairstyles will need to work to enhance other attributes on the face. Celebrity Hairstylist, Johnny Lavoy, says the best way to do this is to draw all the attention to your cheekbones and your eyes. 

A great way to do this is the slicked back low ponytail. Make sure you part your hair in the middle. The hairstyle draws angles on your face, from the widows peak to your outer eyes and cheekbones. Perfection! Another example of an amazing hairstyle you will need to try is feathered bangs. They lead your eyes down vertical lines to right where we want them: Your eyes! This hairstyle also has extra points for effortlessness. With heart shaped faces it is encouraged to balance out your features, to do this it means to not over-do it with volume at the top. A great hairstyle to compliment this, is to style your hair back and leave it down. You could also add gel to give it that stylish wet look.      

Naomi Campbell Heart Face

Naomi Campbell stylish as always with her hair Slicked Back                  

Taylor Swift Heart Face

Taylor Swifts rocking her signature Shaggy Cut with Bangs

Zendaya Heart Face

Zendaya super sleek with her Wet Look

No matter what your face shape, there is a hairstyle just waiting for you to try! So get out there, experiment, and have fun with it. Let your hairstyles speak to who you are and give you confidence! xx

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